More services & better information on the way as Stratford Parkway remains on track

Stratford Parkway Artists ImpressionCompletion of the new Stratford Parkway train station remains on track, with the station due to open in May, seven months ahead of schedule.

The opening of the station will mean enhanced rail services for passengers in Stratford-upon-Avon, with weekday trains running later into the evenings and increased frequency of the existing Saturday services. From December 2013, additional weekday services are also planned, including routes to Birmingham via Solihull.

Councillor Peter Butlin, Warwickshire County Council’s Portfolio Holder for Transport & Highways, said: “As well as benefiting local residents and commuters, we hope that the increased services will also further boost tourism in the town and particularly the night-time economy, with people able to catch the train for an evening out in Stratford.

“In the months leading up to Stratford Parkway’s opening, we will also be making it easier for passengers to get the information they need on travelling to and from Stratford’s train stations.”

A rail user survey carried out at Stratford’s town station has revealed that better information about transport options and improved timetable information would encourage people to consider getting the bus, cycling or walking to the station.

Responding to passenger feedback, Warwickshire County Council will be launching a new ‘Smarter Choices’ travel website later this year, where people will be able to plan the best route and way to travel to their destination, including by foot, cycle, bus and train.

The rail user survey revealed that 63% of passengers had walked to the town station, while 14% arrived as a car passenger. However, only around 7% caught the bus and just 2% cycled. Health was cited as the main reason why people had decided to walk or cycle, while convenience was the main reason for those who had travelled by car.

Most encouraging of all for the council, 40% of car drivers said they would consider using the bus and 40% would consider walking or cycling. Better information about transport options and improved timetable information would be the biggest incentive for people to switch and almost half said a website would be the most useful way to get this information.

Personal Travel Planners will also be offering people the chance to talk to them face-to-face about their best travel options for their regular journeys, for example, the commute to work or school, based on cost, time, availability and more.

The team will also be visiting local roadshows and events to distribute information on travel planning and the new train services at Stratford Parkway and Stratford train station.  

For the latest videos on the development of Stratford Parkway, you can view the footage from Stratford TV at and click on ‘news’.


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