The Scheme

What’s proposed?

A new Parkway station adjacent to the railway at the existing Bishopton bus Park and Ride site.The station is currently under construction and is due to open in May 2013.

The station location affords good vehicular access to and from the A46 / A3400 and includes:

  • 300 parking spaces (for Parkway station); 425 spaces for the bus Park and Ride
  • Covered cycle stands and cycle hire facility
  • Enhanced bus services to connect station with surrounding areas
  • Improved pedestrian and cycle access to Parkway station from surrounding employment and residential areas

Improved rail services

As well as the new Parkway station, the scheme will deliver improved rail services between Stratford and Birmingham. This will be delivered in 2 phases:

Phase 1 is due to be delivered in May 2013 and will introduce a new evening service between Stratford and Birmingham. The last departure from Stratford will be at around 2330 and from Birmingham at around 2230

In addition, Saturday services between Stratford and Birmingham will be enhanced, doubling the frequency from one train an hour to two trains per hour.

Phase 2 is due to be delivered in December 2013 and will provide an enhanced weekday off-peak service between Stratford and Birmingham, doubling weekday daytime frequencies from hourly to half hourly. The weekday off peak service will also provide a new train service connection between Stratford and Solihull.


The scheme will deliver the following benefits:

  • A new rail facility on the edge of Stratford providing easy access to Birmingham, Solihull and London
  • Increased train services to Birmingham calling at both StratfordTown station and Stratford Parkway station offering enhanced opportunities for rail travel for work, leisure or business purposes
  • A new train service connection between Stratford and Solihull (weekday off-peak)

What does this mean for the existing Town station?

We are aware of concerns that the delivery of Stratford Parkway will result in a decline in services calling at the town station, or closure of the station altogether. This is not the case. Delivery of Stratford Parkway station has a direct benefit to users of the town station by helping to secure an enhanced frequency of rail services between Stratford and Birmingham. This enhancement in services is only justified on the basis of the projected growth in passenger numbers which the opening of Stratford Parkway delivers.

The station has recently had a new platform roof installed and Network Rail has refurbishment the existing stepped footbridge.

  • Other improvements which are due to be delivered at the town station include: A new £1.26m DDA compliant  passenger footbridge with lifts to replace the existing barrow crossing. This is being promoted & delivered by the County Council.

Further details are provided in the ‘Stratford Town Station’ area of this webpage.

Promoting the scheme – Smarter Choices

The County Council has a programme of activity to encourage rail travel for travel to work, business, leisure, education and tourism trips. This includes:

  • Working with businesses in Stratford to identify their business and employee travel needs, tailoring a package of improvements to help encourage rail travel and encouraging travel by other sustainable modes
  • Talking to local residents about their travel needs and providing travel information and advice to let residents know about travel opportunities
  • Working with tourism destinations to promote rail travel for tourist trips

Calendar of events

  • September 2012    –   Start of construction of the Parkway Station
  • March 2013             –   Installation of the new Station footbridge and ramps
  • May 2013                 –   Opening of Parkway station

                                                       –   Introduction of new evening service between Stratford and Birmingham

                                                       –   Introduction of enhanced Saturday services between Stratford and Birmingham

  • December 2013     –   Introduction of enhanced weekday off-peak service, delivering  a new train connection

                                                            between Stratford & Birmingham via  Solihull